The Stefani story

Nico’s passion for pizza came from his late Grandfather Pepe (Peter Stefani), who also once owned a pizza Takeaway on Blackpool’s busy sea front with his son’s.

After growing up in the family business helping out where he could Nico knew one day he wanted his own pizzeria.

After thinking long and hard he decided to travel to Napoli the home land of pizza, he was on a mission to find out what it takes to create the most beautiful, fresh and delicious pizzas. Nico is now bringing the same traditional techniques and methods back to his own pizzeria. 

After coming home he spent a great deal of time learning how to create the perfect dough and then created his own secret recipe sauce, with all his main ingredients imported from Napoli you will not get a pizza like it.

Stefani’s Pizzeria.

Blackpool Restaurant

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